OOPS – Wrong Theme for Photo Hunters – HAPPY

This week’s theme for Photo Hunters is actually HAPPY.  TWO was last week’s theme.

So, here is my picture for HAPPY………………..

…………BIRTHDAY, LAUREN!!!!!  This was for her birthday in 2006.  She was 11!  The cake has a soccer ball and a basketball on it.  No princesses for this girl – she’s all about sports!!!


7 thoughts on “OOPS – Wrong Theme for Photo Hunters – HAPPY

  1. Hello, I was still visiting when your new post came up. I was listening to your lovely music and writing down some of the songs so I could download later.
    Thanks for that! And for your "Happy" photo. Although, I liked the other one just fine for the theme.

  2. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site! I am not a homeschool mom….but I do teach at our local Christian School. I have read most of the books on your 2007 bookshelf …what a coincidence….other things we have in common is that I took a cruise to Nassau this year with my 14 year old daughter. We went with Premier Christian Cruises/Ladies Cruise. I have Rheumatiod arthritis and could identify with your blog about the car "tags" 🙂 I'm kind of new to this blogging hobby. I did manage a xanga site this summer when we took our family on a three week trip out west if you are interested…you will find it at http://www.xanga/M_squad4
    Blessings to you and your family!

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