Manic Monday – 8/27

Here are today’s Manic Monday questions.  They are designed to get your brain working on a Monday.  And they sure did that.  Especially the second question.  If you would like to get your brain moving on a Monday be sure to check out Lisa’s website and join the thinking club.  You can get there by clicking the links I’ve plugged in into this paragraph or my clicking the Manic Monday graphic in the middle of my left sidebar.

Have a good Monday!

What kinds of scenes in movies make you cry?  Usually any kind of tender moment in a movie makes me cry.  I get very involved in the movies that I watch.  I find that sometimes I actually mentally put myself in their place and that what is happening to them is really happening to me.  WEIRD, I know!  If someone dies, I cry.  If a baby is born, I cry.  If someone is being abused, I cry.  Any hyper-emotional moment, I cry.  I also cry during commercials but that’s another topic entirely.  

If you met your clone– someone with your exact personality traits, likes and dislikes, etc. — would you want to be friends with him/her? Why or why not?  I t hink it would be hard to get to know her because I’m pretty much a loner.   I don’t get out much and when I do I tend to stay to myself.  So, it would have to be under the right circumstances.  I think I would be preoccupied with the fact that she looked just like me.  I would be thinking:  Gee, she could stand to lose some weight, Gee, her hair is frizzy, Gee, her roots need to be done…..Um, I think you get the idea.

What is your biggest challenge in life right now?  It would have to be my physical limitations.  I find that I am feeling better for the most part these days.  However, there are days (like yesterday and today) that I just feel blah and am hurting.  It’s a challenge to try to live a normal life when you don’t know if you are going to feel well enough tomorrow to even get out of your pajamas. 

6 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 8/27

  1. Hi Pam, I'm so sensitive to anything about children. That turns me into a big cry-baby. 🙂

    Thanks for playing Manic Monday and have a super week!


  2. hi again! thanks for visiting my blog and adding me to your friends link 🙂

    ryc: my hubby said the same thing – he tried to twirl a pen too but couldnt do it. It took me about a month or so before I got the hang of it. Well, some students would twirl it once to represent an answer, like if the exam is a multiple choice question, or a yes or no one. I'd twirl a pencil, or even a thin branch, as long as it has a certain weight to

  3. Last question, I know how you feel. I rarely want to get out of bed anymore. But life will trample those who won't to pick themselves up again.
    Yeah, I've been trampled plenty and got the bruises to prove it. 😉


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