Photo Hunter – 9/1 – Theme is Dirty

When I saw the theme for Photo Hunter this week I decided to go ahead and post it because I knew exactly which picture/s to use.  I’ll explain at the end of the photos.  The theme is "dirty".


We were at a soccer tourney in 2003.  When you play soccer you play in any kind of weather (except lightening).  Obviously it rained cats and dogs during this game.  The first picture is of Lauren.  The second one is of the front of the girls.  But because you kick up your heels behind you when you run their backs were dirtier. 

Now are those the perfect pics for "dirty" or what???


13 thoughts on “Photo Hunter – 9/1 – Theme is Dirty

  1. From my experience (I've played quite a bit of soccer in my life as well), what also happens is that you fall a lot…hence the back being dirtier than the front! ;b

  2. what a fun post! Definatly appropriate for "dirty" pictures, wow! I'm glad I wasnt' doing the laundry! (or taking them home in my car, for that matter, lol)

  3. waw… very impressive blog! It's so beautiful! I love it!

    And… these photos. Yea…. it's dirty but looks like these lil fellows are having fun! So lovely! 🙂

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