HELLO?? HELLO?? Is This Thing On?????

Yes, I hear you all crying out for news from our home.

We have settled into a routine.  When things are routine it’s hard to think that anyone would be interested in hearing about it.  But I am reminded in different ways by different people that I haven’t updated on how things are going around here since our big change!  So grab a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of coke and settle in for the latest.

My health –
Praise the Lord He hasn’t forgotten me!!!  I have been sick with various things for the last three weeks.  My my my my my…………sinus mess, ear mess, female junk, fibro junk.  Everything hit at once.  I had a miserable three weeks.  But you know what?  I was sick for the first 3 weeks of the kids new school transition.  A friend of mine suggested that perhaps the Lord needed to distract me from worrying so he made me sick.  I don’t know – but if that’s the case – IT WORKED!!!!!  I spent more time thinking about how awful I was feeling than I did worrying about the kids in school.  But I am better now. 

For the first time in I don’t know how long I made it to church both times AND choir practice on Sunday.  It was such a blessing.  I was a little late for choir (I hadn’t been in a year and a half) and when I walked in our Music Minister’s eyes popped out of his head.  I asked if he had a book for a prodigal that’s come home.  He gave me a book – but no fatted calf!  Then last night I made it to the first night of the new Bible study semester.  I was going to teach a study this semester but only had me and my best friend signed up for it.  So, we ditched that study and chose to go in this other study as students.  It was fine with me!  For various reasons, I really didn’t feel I was properly prepared to teach a study.  Anyway, the study we are doing now is Beth Moore’s newly revised A Woman’s Heart.  I did my first day of homework this morning.  Well, ok, I STARTED my first day of homework this morning.  I just reminded myself that I need to finish the day.  I will do that after I finish this.

The kids and school –

The kids are thriving at school.  They are getting good grades, like their teachers and are making good decisions about friends.  That is what I was most concerned about – them getting mixed in with the wrong kids.  But last week both of them (at different times) said that a friend they had originally made was turning out to be bad news so they were going to find a new friend.  I tell you what – that made my heart leap.  Since that was my biggest concern I was overjoyed to hear about their discernment in this area.  The Lord has heard my prayers – and apparently the kids have heard my sermons.  hahahahaha

Lauren is in the midst of doing a research paper on the composer of her choice for her music class.  Ron is helping her.  He’s so much better at research and creative ideas and putting words on paper than I am.  She has to do a two page essay, make a bust of the composer out of clay AND prepare/give a 7 minute oral presentation.  WOW!!!!!  We never got that elaborate at home.  But she is doing really well so far.  It’s due next Thursday.  The teacher didn’t give them long to work on it.  She just gave them the assignment this past Tuesday.  Anyway, Lauren (and Daddy) have chosen to do the composer of the theme to Star Wars and other popular movies (that I can’t think of at the moment).  She is going to take her iPod and some speakers in for her presentation and play bits of some of his work.  BRILLIANT!!!

Michael was assigned a project to do for art.  But thankfully his isn’t due until September 28.  (That’s good for Ron – I would hate for Ron to have to help with both of them at once – hahahahaha)  I just looked over the assignment briefly this morning.  But he will be making an art scrapbook.  I will put more details in when I have the paper in front of me and don’t have to depend with my poor foggy brain to remember it.

My days –
Some people have asked me what I am doing with my days.  Honestly, I’m not doing much of anything.  I’m still enjoying the peace and quiet.  I suppose when I get bored with it then I will start venturing out and finding things to do.  But right now I’m just hanging out at home, watching some movies, doing some housework and some reading.  Sounds like the perfect life to me – well, except the housework part.

Now, I believe that catches everyone up on life around here.  Now I’m off to see what my Thursday meme is so I can do that.  Then I will be all caught up on blog stuff.

Oh, I’m still hoping someone will chime in and offer to help me change my blog.  I would be willing to pay you for your time.  If you are out there and would like to help me out just leave me a comment or email me.  I would like to do something for the new season coming.  Thanks a bunch!!


2 thoughts on “HELLO?? HELLO?? Is This Thing On?????

  1. Oh, she's doing John Williams! What fun! I like your page alot, it's a fresh look to me. I hope you find a designer to help you out. Maybe you should post at the forum. I don't know enough, I'd crash your lovely blog!

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