And All God's People Said……..

Well, it is Friday evening – the ending of another week around here.  Lauren is working on her Music project.  Michael is working on his Art project.  Daddy is mowing the grass.  Faith is waiting for someone to notice she needs to go O-U-T.  Grandma has come for a visit and she is on her laptop in the chair next to me.  We are all in our own little world.  And that’s the way I like it.  All together under the same roof but comfortable enough to be doing our own thing.  Makes the Mama Hen happy.

The kids have had a good week of school.  We are going through young-teen-girls-arguing troubles around here.  Oh my oh my oh my…………..what was I getting myself into when I prayed for a girl?  I think I might have reconsidered that had been able to foresee the teen years…………………..nahhhhhhh, I’m kidding.  I am, though, at a loss as to how to deal with all of this stuff.  When Lauren talks to one friend the other friend gets mad.  When she tries to mend the fence with that friend then the other one gets mad.  Oy Vey!!!!  I have decided to stop giving advice, just be available to listen and let them work it out on their own. 

I have a friend who is going on vacation next week.  I’m kind of bummed about that.  I will miss them – yes.  But I WANT A VACATION AND CAN’T GO!!!!!  So, I’m working through that.  I’m thrilled for their family to go and spend the week at the beach but my my my I sure would like to be the one going.  Then I have another friend who is leaving next Saturday for a cruise!!!  AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH  hahahahahahaahaha

My Wednesday night Bible study is going very well.  I think I’m going to like this time through this study more than I did the first time through 6 years ago.  I’m doing A Woman’s Heart by Beth Moore.  I’m not sure if I’ve already wrote that here or not.  I’m learning a lot already.  I’m enjoying being into the Word again – and especially with Kim. 

Well, that’s about it!  Wasn’t that exciting??


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