Thursday Challenge – Theme is "Purple"

I was concerned about finding pictures for this week’s theme.  But when I sat down with Ron’s laptop tonight and began searching in his iPhoto I discovered the following pictures fairly quickly.  I don’t remember the kids drawing these.  But they are adorable.  Lauren spelled her middle name wrong so I’m thinking she must have been about 4 or 5.  With that explanation here are my pictures for this week’s theme – Purple.


One thought on “Thursday Challenge – Theme is "Purple"

  1. What a great site you have here. My children where born, before home school was legal, unfortunately. My younger son, now 27, wanted so much to be home schooled. I am not much of a political system fighter (so to speak) and didn't really know much about how to go about it. Then, in the '80's it started cropping up, in pockets across the country.
    If I am correct in my assessment (as per this site) I congratulate you, it is fun but definitely not easier to be a stay at home Mom and academic teacher as well.
    Thanks for checking out my site at aminus3. I appreciate the connection. FranC

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