Fall Has Arrived

According to the weatherman and the calendar Autumn has arrived.  But you can’t prove it by the weather in Nashville.  Today it is 90 degrees.  At yesterday’s soccer game we thought we were going to melt.  It was miserable!  But I did get to work on my soccer mom tan again.  We are all ready for the change of seasons though. 

Lauren turned in her Music paper and gave her oral presentation this week.  Her teacher was majorly impressed.  All of us were too.  She hasn’t gotten her grade yet.  But I’m confident that she got an A.  She said that everyone else in her class just got up and read their paper as their oral presentation.  Lauren had posters and music on her iPod with portable speakers.  We were encouraging her to be one of the first ones to go so that she could get it over with.  She didn’t really want to but the way the teacher called them up she ended up being the third one.  So, she has enjoyed the week off while listening to everyone else give their reports. 

Michael is finishing up his Art project.  Here is what is required of him for this project:
Section one – Write a summary paragraph about an article from the paper about art of some kind.
Section two – Survey 20 people about their feelings about art.  Tabulate results in graph form.
Section three – Take an imaginary trip to an art museum.  Write about your trip including where it is located, what you saw, how long you stayed, what you learned during your visit and where you will eat while there.
Section four – Create a collage using pictures from magazines.  The theme should focus on type/style of art. 
Section five – Create a mural for a restaurant.  Sketch the mural, list the supplies needed, decide how much it would cost to finish it, decide  how much time it would take you to complete it and figure up how much you would charge for doing it.

He will have to put this altogether in a folder and turn it all in together.  I have various pictures of the process.  I will post them when he completes the project.  He’s not very excited about doing it.  Getting him to work on it is like pulling teeth.  But it’s due this Friday so he no longer has a choice of putting it off or not.

My MIL-extraordinaire has been here all week.  The kids have enjoyed having her taking them and picking them up at school.  She and I went to lunch together and have gone shopping.  She was planning to leave tomorrow morning but I’m not sure if she will make it or not.  She’s sick today.  We have been eating well all week.  She has gotten to go to two of the kids soccer games and their soccer practices.  And she loves our church.  Although she and I didn’t make it to church this morning.  I hope she feels better later today/tomorrow. 

Ron and I went on a double date with Brian and Kim last night.  We had such a good time.  We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse – Yummmmmmmmmmmm.  Then we went to the mall.  Kim and I didn’t make it out of Belk the whole evening.  And of course we spent more money than we intended.  But that’s the fun part!  Spending money!!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!  Then we went to Barnes & Noble – got a coffee at the Starbucks there and walked around making plans for our families for the next couple of months.  I just love them!j

Well, that’s about it for last week.  I also found a couple of new things I’m going to do here.  So, I’m going to go and work on those.

Since I can’t find anyone who can help me with my blog I guess I’m going to have to make a go of it.  If things look out of sorts for a while this coming week you’ll know why.  Wish me luck!!


2 thoughts on “Fall Has Arrived

  1. Just to let you know that I really enjoy two features on your page…one is "on my nightstand" and the other "back on the bookshelf." Good luck with your page!

  2. It sounds like things busy but fun around your house. The kids seem to be adjusting well to school and that's great! I would have offered to help with your blog, but yours is always so pretty and mine is pretty simple. I don't know how to do the layers and such. Good luck with it! It looks great to me!

    God bless,

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