By The Way………….

Can you stand one more meme?  I found this one this morning and it sounds like something that’s right up my alley.  It’s called By The Way Sunday.  You can click the graphic in my left sidebar to read more about it.  It looks like fun.  So, here is the one for yesterday:

~Your Fave Five~

What are your top 5…

Things to Do:
Read a book
Take a soak in the tub
Sing in the choir at church
Watch a good movie
Go on a date with my hubby

Places to Be:
At home
Laying on the beach somewhere
On a cruise
At church
Anywhere with my hubby and kids

Words to Hear:
I love you
You look pretty
You look like you’ve lost weight
Your hair looks good today
Let’s go on vacation

Things to Keep:
Cards that people send me
Notes/Letters from those I love
Good books
My favorite pen

Moments to Treasure:
Our wedding day
The day Michael was born
The day Lauren was born
The last Christmas with my Mamaw
A relaxing vacation day with my family


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