I have Tackled My Desk – Whew!

Well, I have finally accomplished something that has needed to be done for weeks and weeks now.  And it is my Tackle It Tuesday project. 

I have cleaned off my poor messy desk.  Here is how it looked before:

And, yes, the cat is a frequent visitor to my desk.  If I’m here she is here.  When I leave she leaves.  I keep the blinds open just enough for her to see out. 

Most of the stuff that you see cluttering up my desk got tossed in the garbage.  Why do we just keep stuff laying around for so long???  I have no idea.  But it isn’t there anymore.  Here is the finished product:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh – I feel so much happier coming to work at my desk now.


4 thoughts on “I have Tackled My Desk – Whew!

  1. Looks FANTASTIC!

    (Does that kitty bump your hands when you type? I would constantly have misspelled words if my cat was allowed on my desk!)

    Blessings, Beckie :o)

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