Show & Tell – Wedding Rings

I haven’t shared something for Show & Tell for a couple of weeks now because I haven’t been able to think of something to share.  So, this morning I was looking at other people’s blogs to see what they had shared when an idea popped in my head – my wedding rings!!!  I love my rings and haven’t shared them with everyone – so there you go – my Show & Tell for this week!

I love my rings for a few reasons.  The first being because they are my wedding rings, of course!  The second being because they are made with my MIL’s diamonds from her set of rings from when she and my FIL were married.  And thirdly, because Ron designed them and had them made.

When Ron asked me to marry him in February 1987 he handed me this beautiful engagement ring that sparkled. 

After he asked me to marry him he told me that he had asked his dad for his mom’s wedding set.  (They divorced when Ron was a teenager)  He designed the wedding set himself and found a jeweler to make it using the diamonds from his mom’s wedding set.  I am so honored to have had the diamonds "passed down" to me.  Here are a few pictures.

(Please excuse my swollen fat hand – I hate my hands!!)

The wedding band fits inside the engagement ring.  Isn’t that creative?

This is my favorite picture because the diamonds are sparkling so beautifully.

If you would like to join in the Show & Tell fun just click on the Show & Tell graphic in my left sidebar.  It will take you to Kelli’s page that explains how you join the group.


14 thoughts on “Show & Tell – Wedding Rings

  1. what a neat thing for your husband to do. They are beautiful. My daughter's husband designed her engagement ring also–with her birthstone and diamonds. The engagement ring I recieved was made of diamonds that my husbands grandfather got paid with during the great depression!1

  2. Hi Pam-your rings are beautiful and I can see why they are so special to you since Ron put so much thought into having them made just for you! Holly

  3. Pam, they are beautiful!!!!!!!! I can see why you like them so much!!!!!!

    And, Ron, wow, what a special guy. He is certainly a KEEPER, too!!

  4. I love your rings – they are so sparkly (is that a word? 🙂 ) Your nails are beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a treasure…passed down and designed…can't beat that! And BTW sometime we'll compare hands…LOL The only thing that saves me is the fact that I have long fingers.

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