By The Way…………Fashion

~Fashion by You~

By the way…..

Jeans or Slacks?  Jeans any day over dress pants (I’m assuming Slacks mean dress pants).  Although I prefer shorts any time!

Sweater or Jacket?  I was going to I prefer a sweater but I think I would actually prefer a jacket so that I can take it off.  I am so hot natured that I rarely even wear a  jacket in the winter here in Nashville.

Skirt & Top or Dress?  YUCK to all of it!!!  I guess I prefer a dress.  Of course it would really depend on the dress.  I’m thinking of a new dress that I bought recently.  it’s very very comfortable.  I’ll have to have Ron take my picture in it.

Buttons or Zippers?  Buttons I guess.  Then I can unbutton one if I get hot.

Does your purse always match your outfit?  sometimes I will carry a black purse if I wear black.  But most of the time I just carry my Louis Vuitton bag.  Of course, it is brown.

Heels or Pumps or Flats?  NO SHOES!!!  I’m a barefoot girl.  If I wear any kind of heel at all it’s about 1.5 inches or less.

Crewneck or Turtleneck?  I would say a crewneck.  I used to like turtlenecks until I really got a look at myself in one and realized I didn’t look good without a neck.

Do you own a little black dress?  Nope

Accessorize or Not?  Always accessorize!!!!

Describe your absolute favorite outfit.  My favorite outfit would be what I’m wearing now – a tee shirt and a pair of shorts.  That’s what I live in every day.  I hate regular clothes!!!


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