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We ordered Brio Magazine for Lauren a couple of months ago.  It is the magazine for teen girls that Focus On The Family puts out.  So, Lauren’s first issue came today and I have been reading it.  Where was this magazine when I was a teenager?  I would have loved to have a magazine written strictly from a Christian perspective just for girls my age.  It is really good.  If you have a teenage girl you should consider checking it out – or at least checking out the magazine website.  Just click the link "Brio Magazine" in my first sentence and it will take you directly to the website.  AWESOME!!

Anyway, I know that today is Wordless Wednesday.  I do have an adorable picture to share with you but I will do that after I finish writing this entry.  It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on us.  I know our parents growl everytime they come here and there’s nothing other than pictures that follow the theme of the day.  Ok – maybe they don’t actually growl – at least I hope not.  But maybe they do – ***shiver*** – I don’t wanna think about that anymore.

Don’t you hate it when your email program crawls along throughout the day and then about 6:00 at night you get all your emails at once?  I HATE THAT!!!  Comcast (my email service) has been doing that a lot lately.  I have a friend that I email with back and forth all day.  But that’s hard to do when my email box stays empty all day.  Get with it, Comcast!!!  Geesh!!

Ok – the email aggravation fit is over.  Moving on………….

Ron has started traveling again.  I really can’t complain much about it YET because he’s been home for a couple of months without doing much traveling.  So, right now I just try not to think about it.  But he left for Atlanta this morning.  He will fly from there Friday to do a retreat for one of our pastor friends in Ohio.  He’ll be home Saturday morning.

Michael and Lauren are still doing really well in school.  There isn’t a single complaint from any direction in that area.  TEachers are happy – students are happy – what else could we ask for?

Lauren does have a new teacher for Language Arts.  And they both have a different teacher for Pre-Algebra – THANK THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!  I’m sure that the teacher they had before was a really good teacher.  But since the school year started we have had to contact him more times than I care to think about.  So, when we heard that this other teacher (who had also been working with them at Sylvan all summer) was going to change from LA to Pre-Algebra Ron got right on the phone to the Guidance Counsellor and requested their transfer.  They are doing beautifully in there. 

Anyway, Lauren’s new LA teacher is having her do a collage about herself that is due Friday.  Lauren got it all printed out and put together (except for gluing it down) last night.  I took a picture of it.

If you look closely you can see pics of Mia Hamm, Lauren and her friends, Groups that she likes, a yellow corvette (her dream car), an iPod, her cell phone, and a couple of stores that she likes.  She captured herself beautifully.

Michael had to do a collage for an Art project he turned in last week.  Here are a couple of pictures of that process:

What you can’t hear is his groaning when I aimed the camera at him – and then my saying "just deal with it".  hahahahaha  He is working on his Mural here.  This is a completed picture of the mural:

He says it is a mural for an Italian restaurant.  Notice the piece of pasta hanging out of the guy’s mouth.  hahaha

He also had to include a collage of things that he likes with the project.  Here is that picture:

Yes, they are all cars!  I was kind of expecting to see a picture of a soccer goalie in there.  But – nope – all cars!

Since I’m posting pictures I will put up a couple that I took of our cat, Biskit, this week.  She was on the window ledge in front of my desk in this one.

Sorry it’s kind of dark.  I was taking the picture directly into the sunlight.  I’m hoping it will show up better once it’s posted.

And then here she is on my desk behind my computer.  She was watching my fingers flying like she was going to pounce at any moment:

Well, I think that’s about all that’s happening around here.  I’ll holler back when there is something new to say.

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