Why Must I Always Be In Front??

Ok, something has been bothering me about myself for the last month or more.  I have noticed that I am a very impatient driver.  Now if I’m by myself I really don’t mind.  But when I have young impressionable minds in the vehicle with me – even though they aren’t paying any attention to me – it does bother me.  Since they have been back in public school I have been going every afternoon to pick them up.  I leave a HOUR – yes, I said an HOUR – before they even get out of school to go pick them up.  Here’s the clincher – I do it just so I can be the FIRST in line.  Now is that a sign of a control freak or what?  Maybe it’s the or what!  If it is – I don’t really want to know.  What kind of warped mind do I have that I have to be the first one there just to get the FIRST spot in line???

I did try for a couple of days to leave later.  My husband picked them up one day and told me that I’m crazy for going so early.  In his words "you can get there 5 minutes after they get out and zip right through the parking lot".  Ok, either his explanation of "zip right through" and my definition of "zip right through" are two different ends of the spectrum or he was at the wrong school and picked up the wrong kids.  Believe me – for a person like me who has to be first – sitting at the back of the line is TORTURE!!  I swear I was having a panic attack. 

It’s not just in the car rider’s line either.  If I am in traffic my goal is not simply to get from point A to point B.  NOOOOOOO that would be too simple!  Anyone can do that!!  My goal is to get to the front of the line of traffic.  Have you ever tried to get to the front of traffic???  It’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!  There’s ALWAYS someone in front of you.  HELLO????  That’s why they call it TRAFFIC, Pam!!!  UUUGGGHHHHH

Now I must admit that I am a little OCD.  For you normal people – that is obsessive compulsive disorder.  They have medicine for that kind of thing.  And I’m on it!  But it ain’t doin’ squat!

At any rate, I have been trying to figure myself out for a while now.  I’m really no closer to the answer than I was when I started.  What’s up with that?

Is anyone else like this?  PUUHHHHLLLEEEEZZEEEE tell me I’m not the only OCD controlling mom in the carerider line!  Someone please tell me!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Why Must I Always Be In Front??

  1. ROFL, ROFL, ROFLOL!!!! Thank GOD I'm not the only one!

    I'll email you more since I'm on my way to bed after a horrific schooling day (can you say…"son" and "lying"?) but had to check your blog first.

    Love ya girl! There's nothin' wrong with you at all!!Edited by allisalley on Oct. 9, 2007 at 10:28 PM

  2. I sometimes do pick up at the same school – I leave my house an hour early because I have to also do Elementary pick up. Then there is a 45 min wait – I have figured out that I can do a quick Kroger run or dash to Mickey's to get everyone a drink but sitting in line for 45 min is NUTS! I can't run the car airconditioner because it will mess up the catalytic converter just idling like that ARGH SO I agree with Ron that when possible getting there 5 min after dismissal is best – Leave your house 5 min before they get out Try it I DARE YOU!!!

  3. Hi there. Found your blog from wordlesswednesday.com. This post cracked me up, I had to tell you. We live probably 4-5 blocks from my daughter's school but around a corner and on the other side of a highway, so it takes maybe 2-3 minutes to get there depending on how easily I can get out of the driveway with traffic. My husband will leave 20 minutes before she gets out of school and sit in the mile-long line of cars. Cause he's crazy. No offense to you of course! haha! I, however, will leave at exactly the same time she is dismissed from school or 2-3 minutes later and will be the LAST person in line and not have to wait at all. Very NOT stressful, maybe you should try it honey! haha Anyway, your story made me laugh today and I thank you for that!
    Corinna–Summer Rose Scrapbooks

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