Thursday Challenge – Theme "Light"

Think the sun was too bright for my little guy?  Michael, who is now 13, was about 3 at the time of this picture.


One thought on “Thursday Challenge – Theme "Light"

  1. I have never done WW but I do know a little about healthy eating.
    Good carbs are the whole grains, breads,pastas,veggies, etc.
    Bad carbs are the sugars, fructose,corn syrup etc. The key to healthy eating and eventual weight loss is fiber. I use ground flax seed meal. Jumpstart your metabolism by eating breakfast with lots of fiber. You can sprinkle flax seed meal on anything. As we age our metabolism slows and our appetite doesn't. LOL. Get that metabolism going. Just remember more fiber means more water. You must drink plenty of water. Good Luck!

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