Weight Watchers Core Plan?

I am giving serious consideration to doing the WW Core Plan.  Does anyone have experience with it?  I have looked over the list of foods and it looks very doable.  I have done the whole Points program before. I am not interested in counting points again AT ALL.  But the Core Plan appeals to me.  So, I’m just wanting to hear from those of you who have done it or are doing it.  I want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly.  Something has to change for me.  I’m searching for not just a "diet" but a life change.  The Core Plan seems to include the healthy choices of foods. 

Also, I have read someplace that there is GOOD carbs and BAD carbs.  Does anyone understand that?  Can you explain it to a very unhealthy, fat (and getting fatter everyday) girl?  I want to make good choices.

Thanks for your help.


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