Photo Hunter – Theme "smelly"

Ok – I’ve been trying to think of any pictures I had of something smelly.  I don’t have a picture of our pet skunk.  Ok, we don’t actually have a pet skunk………..But there is a dead skunk up on the main road.  I could have gone to take a picture of it………….YUCK!  And I thought about taking a picture of some moldy food in our refrigerator.  But we cleaned it out this week.

So, I thought and thought and thought.  What do we have that is smelly on a Saturday afternoon.  Then it came to me.  So, here is my choice:

SOCCER GEAR!!!  After they play a game in the hot sun you can believe they are some smelly kids.  That is all their garb.  FYI:  Michael is number 13 and Lauren is number 4.  You can’t smell them but they are pretty rank.


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