All About Pam

My Blog Name is: Beyond The Red Door

But people usually call me: Pam or Pamela

I was born here: Ohio

And I’ve lived here: Ohio, Nashville, Memphis, Joelton TN, Columbus GA, Tallahassee FL, Auburndale FL

Until I wound up here: Back in Nashville

My occupation is/was: Bank Teller, Payroll Clerk, Customer Service Rep, Secretary, Teacher, Wife/Mom

My favorite color is:  Pink and Green – especially together – see my MySpace page

My favorite hobby is: Surfing the web, Reading, Watching TV/Movies, Singing in the Church Choir

My favorite season is: Fall – The colors are beautiful and the temperature is JUST RIGHT

A few favorite books are: Anything by Karen Kingsbury

Some of my favorite music is: Toby Mac, Third Day, Point of Grace

My favorite kinds of movies are: Drama, Romantic Drama, Suspense

My favorite actor/actress is: Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner

My favorite food indulgence is: Pizza and Chocolate (uhhhh, not necessarily together)

My favorite drink indulgence is: Big Red Cream Soda

My favorite dessert indulgence is: My MIL’s Peach Cobbler hot with vanilla ice cream

One weird thing about me is: Once I learn to do something new I don’t want to do it again

One of my fantasies is: To have a big sum of money in my purse and be able to NOT spend it

One of my pet peeves is: People who drive slow in front of me – ESPECIALLY in the left lane!!!!!

A big shout out to:  Kim – I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU TO UPDATE YOUR BLOG WITH THIS MEME – Shoot, I double dog dare you to just update your blog!!!!!!

One thought on “All About Pam

  1. I'll take the dare and update tonight…but first…you are SO right…we could be related! It's like reading my own entries!!!!

    WOW…I'm going to read here a bit and find the inspiraiton to update tonight!


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