By The Way…………..Cash Please

Here is the By the way……..entry for this Sunday.  It is all about CASH!

Cash Please~

~Cash Please~

By the way…

What do you have the most of right now? ones, fives, or tens?  I mostly work with 20’s.  So, I have considerably more 20s than anything else.  But of 1s, 5s, or 10s I would say probably 1s.

Do you give yourself a weekly cash allowance?
  Ron and I use the Dave Ramsey cash only system.  Each payday we get a certain amount of cash out and divide it into categories in an envelope system.  Dave Ramsey is big on making sure that each adult have what is referred to as "Fun Money" so that noone feels like they are having to do without.  So, each payday (ever two weeks) I keep $60 for my own personal spending money.  Ron gets a set amount each payday as well but his includes his eating out lunch money.  We have envelopes for Eating Out, Prescriptions, Kid’s Commission (allowance), Miscellaneous.  We used to have a grocery envelope but now we use a Kroger and Walmart gift card that we load with a set amount each pay period. 

When you’re out shopping, which do you use most…cash, credit, or debit?  CASH if it’s for me – there’s an envelope for that.  We use the debit card if it’s for something for the kids or the house.

Do you use coins in your transactions or stick strictly to bills?
  Not usually.  Most of the time I just throw change in the bottom of my purse.  About once a week I will clean that out and throw all the change into a jar we use expressly for that purpose.  Every now and then we will throw in a couple of dollar bills too.  When we go on a big vacation we cash it all in. 

Do you keep track of what cash you spend?  When the envelope is empty that is all we can spend in that category.  That’s the only way that we keep up with the cash we spend.  We don’t write it down or anything like that.

Have you ever lost a lot of cash?
  Not that I can recall.  My purse did get stolen once but it was in the days that we didn’t have any money anyway.  So I doubt there was any money in it.

What is the largest amount of cash you have seen?  I have been a bank teller at a few different banks.  So, I have seen huge amounts of cash during those times.


2 thoughts on “By The Way…………..Cash Please

  1. I found your blog by looking at the "recently updated blogs" list when I signed in — and was attracted by your title! 🙂 Our door is in disrepair right now and desperately needs to be painted. I have a can of red paint that I've already purchased for the job!

    As far as money, and using envelopes, I currently have a system of envelopes I'm using for saving (inspired by Dave Ramsey). We're not to the point yet of just using them for the budget, but are getting there. I definitely enjoy setting aside the $$ for things and watching the amounts grow.

    Coins are fun — I save my dimes, then spend them on something special. Quarters go in another jar, and pennies and nickels go into my 20 month-old's piggy bank (though she does get dollars and other spare change, too, every now and then).

    I'm glad to have found your blog!


  2. We do this plan too…though I only get $20.00 'blow money' per week and it's NOT enough…for garage sales AND just fun money!

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