I Recommend…………….

I have had an interesting week around here.  If you came here yesterday afternoon you might have gotten a glimpse of a couple of posts I added where I complained about various situations and people I have dealt with this week.  The posts didn’t stay up for long.  It was therapeutic to write them and even to post them.  Then I realized that they really weren’t the best things to say so I deleted them.  If you didn’t swing by while they were up – be glad!  I was venting and it wasn’t a pretty site.

My email is crawling again.  Does anyone else’s email spend more time BEHIND than ON TIME???  Isn’t that annoying. 

Oh well – anyway – I wanted to share a couple of new websites and groups I have come across this week.  It has been a challenging week for me emotionally. That has led me to search out new things to occupy my mind while I am online.  I’m excited about them and wanted to share the opportunity with you as well. 

If you are a book lover like me you will especially enjoy the first site I’m going to talk about.  It is a Paperback Swap site.  You will love the site and the program.  It is a group of readers who share books with each other (NOT just paperbacks) for nothing more than the cost of postage!  You earn credits in a number of different ways.  Most of the books "cost" one credit.  I am reading a book that I received from someone on the PBS site.  The list of books that I have on the site are found here.  If you happen to join the site I would appreciate it if you would list me (SoccerMomtoMandL) as your referrer.  i will receive a credit when you join.  You can also add me to your PBS buddy list and we can keep up with one another’s lists.  There are all kinds of books on the site – not just fiction books.  One girl got a textbook she needed for a college class on the site and it didn’t cost her anything.  You know how expensive college textbooks are! 

I also wanted to tell you all about a yahoo group that I started a couple of months ago.  I’m just getting around to promoting it.  It is a group for Christian women with husbands who travel.  My husband is gone a lot for his job.  That means that I spend a lot of time as a married single mom.  It’s helpful to have the support of other women who know what I’m dealing with each day.  The group is small right now and will be easy to get to know everyone.  You can click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph or you can click on the graphic at the bottom of my right sidebar.  I have the groups I moderate listed there. 

Well, I have a few other things to tend to on here.  So, I will go.  I know you would enjoy either of the sites I have listed in this post.  Come check them out!


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