Needed: Moms To Try New Product – Dawn Direct Foam

I received the following request from The Mom Blogs.  It’s a terrific opportunity so I knew that I had to share it with you all as well.

Mom Bloggers - I need 400 Moms to send a full size sample of Dawn to!

Dawn Direct Foam has asked for my help in finding 400 moms that would like to
receive their product to test and give them your opinion on. And if you have a
blog or even MySpace .. that's even better as Moms Network is giving away prizes
to some of the moms who post about the product on their blog or MySpace page.
You will get a full size sample sent in the mail along with a 9 question comment
card they'd like you to fill out and mail back to them (they pay postage)

If interested - go here:

You must sign up by October 31st. This is available to the first 400 moms who
sign up.

I just signed up. I hope you will join me in the great opportunity.


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