Unconscious Mutterings – 10/21

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Las Vegas ::  CSI & Money – I thought of both of them at the same time
  2. Linus ::  His Blanket – I’m assuming everyone will say that – why should I be any different
  3. Struck ::  Oil – I’m thinking of The Beverly Hillbillies – Don’t ask me why………..
  4. Movie ::  The Wicker Man – That’s the movie I’m watching as I type this.  It has Nicolas Cage in it.  It’s really weird.  It reminds me of M.Night Shallaman’s movie The Village.  I wonder if he wrote this movie too.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. Anxious ::  Xanax – that’s what I take when I’m anxious – it works too!!  Thank God for Xanax
  6. Bandit ::  Little House on the Prairie – Wasn’t that one of their dog’s names on that show?
  7. Picks ::  Red Rover Red Rover Send Pam Right Over – remember that game?  When someone would pick someone else to run over and try to break your chain?  I always liked that game.
  8. Lasso ::  Roy Rogers – I’m too young to have actually watched his show but that is what I thought of when i read the word Lasso.  Other people might say rodeo or something obvious like that.  Bet noone else says Roy Rogers.
  9. Dinner ::  Texas Roadhouse – My favorite place to eat.  I’ll have a 10 oz. Ribeye cooked medium-rare please.
  10. Bargain ::  Shopper – That’s me – a bargain shopper! 

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