Ten On Tuesday – 10 Useful Internet Sites

This is my newest weekly meme.  It is called Ten on Tuesday.  You will find the graphic in my left sidebar.  if you click on it you will go directly to the 10 on Tuesday site that will explain how you can participate.

This week’s theme is Ten Useful Internet Sites.  This is right up my alley.  Since I spend so much time cruising through cyberspace I’m always finding cool stuff.  So, here are my choices of 10 Useful Internet Sites:

1.  Photobucket – It is an awesome AND FREE place to store your photos.  There are simple instructions on how to use the site.  And it provides you the links you would need to use in various ways to post your photos. 

2.  Paperback Swap site – I just posted about this site over the weekend.  It’s a fabulous site that allows you to swap books (hardback AND paperback) with other members.  All that each of you pay is the postage.  What a fabulous idea!  Books for free???  Can’t get much more useful than that!

3.  Google – Need to find something about anything on the internet?  Google is where you need to start!

4.  Rest Ministries – When you deal with a chronic pain disease sometimes you need a place to go for answers and support.  Rest Ministries is the place to go.  It’s an encouraging ministry that meets your needs and makes you feel less alone.

5.  Amazon – This one is self explanatory.  If you want a good deal on a book, CD, DVD or anything else you can buy in a store then this is where to go.

6.  Cruise Deals – This site will give you everything you need to know to find a good deal on a cruise vacation.  I think a cruise is the perfect vacation for anyone or any group of people. 

7.  123 Greetings – Everyone needs a good site for ecards.  This is one I always come back to.  If I look around at other sites I never find exactly what I want.  But 123Greetings always seems to have just what I’m looking for.

8.  Dave Ramsey – WOO HOO!  If money causes you more marital problems than everything else rolled together – then you need Dave Ramsey.  His envelope system saved my sanity and probably my marriage too.

9.  Yahoo Groups – Everybody needs friends.  Everybody needs support in some area of your life.  Everyone needs a Yahoo group.  I moderate 3 Yahoo groups myself.  You can find the information on them at the bottom of my right sidebar.  It’s just a great feeling to know that you have a friend/s just one email away at any time you might need them.

10. Plugged In Online – Are you needing a Christian review of a movie – past or present?  If the kids want to go see a certain movie and you want to know about any language or inappropriate scenes/themes the movie might contain then Plugged In Online is the place for you to go.  It has become my favorite site to check out the content of movies whether they are in the theatre or Blockbuster.


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