Photo Hunters – Theme "Pink"

Ok – at first I thought I would have a hard time coming up with something for the pink theme.  But now I can’t decide between 3 different pictures. So, I’m just going to post them all.

The first one is an incredible floral arrangement in one of the lobbies of the Waldorf-Astoria where we stayed when we went to NYC for our Anniversary trip.  It was truly incredible.  It was huge.  And it smelled divine.

THOSE ARE REAL FLOWERS!!  It just amazed me.  One day we walked through there to get a picture but they were doing some kind of "maintenance" on it.  They had a huge white sheet on the table under the plant and were cutting off dead flowers and leaves.  This was taken the morning we were leaving.  It looks like it hasn’t been touched.  How do they do that???  Oh and don’t I just look overjoyed.  if you know me – you know why I look like that.  If you can’t remember or don’t know me at all then you probably should read this entry to find out more.

Now for the other pink pictures.  I’ll explain after the pictures.

When I was pregnant with Michael Ron built Michael a dresser.  When I was pregnant with Lauren Ron made her this shelf for her collectibles that she would have one day.  Well, that shelf has moved from house to house with us.  But she no longer wanted any pink in her room.  (Her room was all pink when she was a baby – then she learned to talk and was able to express her attitude – and that was the end of everything else pink.  This shelf was the last to go.)  She decided she wanted to paint it white for now to match the trim.  We decided that white would match any color she was to use in her room in the years ahead.  And she wanted to paint it herself.  So, this is Lauren painting her pink shelf white. 

When she wakes up I will go in and get a picture of her shelf now.  I wish I had pictures of the shelf through the years.  I didn’t notice any on Ron’s laptop – that I’m using today.  We used to store her Cabbage Patch dolls (unopened in their original boxes) on the shelf.  But she eventually had too many of them for the shelf.  So she switched to her soccer and singing trophies and medals.  She also has other collectibles/breakables on it.

Oh and Michael does still have his dresser that Ron made him too.


6 thoughts on “Photo Hunters – Theme "Pink"

  1. My room was cotton candy pink until I was in high school and painted it a pale purple and all the trim white–I am with her, white is MUCH better. 🙂

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