By The Way………….Fall Follies

Fall Follies~

By the way…

hayride or hike?

I think most of the time I prefer a hike.  I like wandering through the woods with Ron and the kids.  Hayrides are usually too bumpy for my back to tolerate as long as the ride lasts.

picking out pumpkins or picking apples?

I like to go apple picking.  And I like to eat as I pick.  Apples right off the tree are so yummy.  Just the thought of them is making my mouth water right now.

hot apple cider or hot chocolate with marshmallows?

Hot chocolate with marshmallows – well, actually I prefer marshmallow creme.  Yummmmmmmm, that sounds so good…………

fall festival or trick-or-treating?

I like to walk along with the kids while they go trick-or-treating.  I think it’s fun to stop and talk to the neighbors and to see all the kids costumes.  It’s a fun neighborhood thing to do.

roasting marshmallows or bobbing for apples?

Definitely roasting marshmallows.  Ohhhhhh they are sooooooooooo good.  I like to leave my marshmallows in the fire until they catch fire. I blow out the fire and then eat the blackened marshmallow.  Yummy!

cute little scarecrows or ugly, scarey monsters?

Scarecrows.  I think they are so cute.  The only time I like monsters is when I’m watch Monsters, Inc.  Cute movie!

Colorado Rockies or Boston Red Socks?

HAHAHA – Uhhhhhhhhhhhh – I don’t really care.  I guess I’ll pull for the Rockies because they are behind right now.  I always pull for the underdog.


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