Do You Feel Forgotten?

My Rest Ministries devotion was good this morning so I wanted to share it here.  Hope it ministers to you as it did me this morning. 

Have a TERRIFIC day!


"Why do You hide your face and forget our misery and oppression?" 
(Psalm 44:24 NIV)

I smiled as I listened to the pastor on the radio telling of the time
they "forgot" one of their children at church.  It brought back
memories of the time when we did the exact same thing∑∑and as the
pastor was saying, we, too received a phone call asking us to "count
our children to" make sure we had all of them!  (smile!)

As this Psalm begins, we read of all the wonderful things God had
done for His people.  But, it ends in a plea for His attention and
help.  Had God really forgotten His people?  Does He forget us now? 
Sometimes it surely feels like it, doesn’t it?

We pray, and we plead for God to help our pain, our fatigue, the
mental fog that comes with some illnesses — and the endless days of
having to stay behind while the rest of our family (and/or spouse)
are out having all the fun of which we used to be a part.  We get so
weary of it all! 

The apostle, Paul reminds believers in Romans 8:36 that "nothing or
no one can separate us from the love of Christ."  He never "forgets"
us.  And Paul knew what it was to "suffer!"

We may feel forgotten at times∑..we may even feel like asking God
to "please count all His children to make sure He hasn’t forgotten
one of them."  But, He promised "never to leave us nor forsake us." 
Even during our most painful, darkest days, He is truly with us — He
has not forgotten us!  He will leave His "ninety-nine sheep in the
fold to go find just one who is lost." 

His mind and eye are constantly on each of us, and He knows exactly
what we are going through – and is already working on the answer to
help us before we pray.

Father, how comforting to know you "never forget us!"  What precious
lessons You teach us in the midst of the darkest storms of our lives.
Thank You for Your constant presence.
In Jesus name we pray – Amen

Alice Ervin lives in Dayton, Ohio with her beloved husband, Dan.  She
deals daily with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Multiple
Chemical Sensitivity. Alice knows she would never be able to go
through a single day without the constant love, strength and comfort
of her Savior, Jesus Christ – and she gives Him all praise and glory
for this.

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