Recent Trip to Washington DC

I’ve pretty much been out of it today.  But I had said that I would get our pictures up from our weekend away.  So, while the kids are gone to church (I wasn’t up to going) I thought I would do that real quick. 

We have been to DC on a family vacation before.  But if you have ever been you know that when you leave – you leave with a list of things to come back and spend more time doing in the future.  This was our second trip.  Ron has been twice since we went as a family.  So, he said that this trip was about me and what I wanted to see/do.  Well, it didn’t quite work out that way because of time allowances.   But I appreciated the sentiment and had a good time anyway. 

Keep in mind that pictures will not do any of these sites justice.  It was phenomenal in all aspects.  With that said – let the show begin.

The first time we went I didn’t get to see the Jefferson Memorial.  It sits facing the Potomac River.  It was a truly spectacular sight to behold.  Here is a picture of the entire sight.

This picture was taken next to the River.  I want to research and learn about the history behind building it.  I haven’t done that yet.  But it certainly intrigued me.

When we were walking up the steps Ron made sure that I didn’t see the statue of Jefferson until I got to the top.  It absolutely took my breath away.  It was a spiritual experience actually.

It is so big.  In the first picture you can get an idea of the size by seeing the people standing around.  It just takes your breath away.

There is my man – who also takes my breath away.

This picture was taken by the same column as Ron’s above – just in the opposite direction.  This picture turned out pretty well so I didn’t delete it.  Most of the pictures with me in them I deleted.  Don’t you?  Oh – and you can see the Washington Monument behind me.  And that is the Potomac River seperating us.

The other thing that we did was go to these monuments at night. Washington is so much more beautiful at night.  obviously you can tell that this was taken from the other side of the Potomac.  That is the Jefferson memorial.

The rest of the pictures will be night pictures.

This is the Lincoln Memorial.  It is also quite breath taking. 

WOW – is it magnificent?

This picture was taken from the top of the steps at the Lincoln Memorial.  It is the Washington Monument and it’s reflection in the reflection pool.  What you can’t see is the Capitol that is directly behind it.  This is one end of the Mall.

Now you can see the capitol (although you wouldn’t know that is what it is if I didn’t tell you) to the left of the Washington Monument.  It is also reflected in the Reflection Pool.

Behind the trees on the left in the picture above you will find the Vietnam Memorial.  It is a very somber and heartbreaking place really.  To walk along the wall and grasp the magnitude of the number of names engraved on it is very moving.  We took a couple of pictures of it but they didn’t turn out.  It wasn’t very well lit.

Behind the trees to the right of the picture above you find the Korean War Memorial. 

There is a wall just out of the picture to the left that has hundreds of faces etched in it.  It’s beautiful but would not have shown up in a nighttime picture.  Are the statues haunting?  The bright spot to the right of the picture is the Lincoln Memorial.

About 2 miles away, near Arlington National Cemetery, is the Battle of Iwo Jima Memorial. 

It is so big and very moving.  See the capitol to the left and then the Washington Monument next to it? 

Here is the Washington Monument.  See the flags all around the bottom.  That gives you an idea of the size of it.  I haven’t been to the top of it yet.  That’s on the list for a future trip.

And here is the Capitol and it’s reflection in the reflection pool. 

The next trip I hope to go to Mount Vernon.  We went this trip but we got there 10 minutes after they closed the gate.  So, it will be the primary stop next time.

I hope you enjoyed the night tour of the Washington monuments.

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