It's Crowded Up There

I have so much running through my head.  I haven’t done much here this week because there is so much gong on up there that I don’t even know where to stop.  I’ve been thinking a lot this week about just about everything from polygamy to friendship.  That’s a pretty big range. 

I’ve been doing a little research on Mormonism and Polygamy for the last few days.  I’m reading a new Autobiography written by a woman who was in a polygamist marriage in the FLDS.  That’s some scary crazy stuff right there.  Now I’m curious about how the mainstream mormon church differs from the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints.  When I finish reading this book I will do a little research on that. 

I’m sure you are probably trying to figure out why I’m interested in Mormonism.  No – I’m not considering converting to the cult.  Every so often I just hear something that interests me but I know nothing about.  So, to keep my mind active I research it.  I find that I’m no longer satisfied with just accepting not knowing about something.  My mind is stretching.  It’s really kind of a painful process.

This week I have also come to the realization that I am going to have to find out how to help Lauren learn to study for tests.  For some kids studying comes naturally.  I’ve noticed that this isn’t the case with her.  While she is making good grades on homework her test scores aren’t as good as I know that they could be.  This is not something I really ever worried about when homeschooling.  But it is certainly a vital skill to know when it comes time for secondary education.  I’m really glad though that this has come up when she is in Middle School as opposed to her first year of college.  Now is the time to crack down on it and figure it out together.  If anyone has any helpful tips I would certainly appreciate them.  I"m not sure where to start.  All I ever did was memorize memorize memorize for the test and then right out of my brain it went.  Obviously this is not the CORRECT way to go about this.  Michael just kind of reads over his notes and he’s good to go.  Lauren has tried a couple of different methods but nothing has really stuck yet.  And my trying to teach her is like the blind leading the blind.  So, I’m searching and praying.  Any help would be appreciated.

And finally the last thing that’s been on my mind is how much effort it takes to properly nourish a relationship – whether it is a marriage, a parent/child relationship or a friendship.  Time is the most important thing you can give someone you love.  Are you giving your relationships a nourishing amount of time?


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