By The Way…..November 10

Reality or Not~

~Reality or Not~

By the way…

Do you watch reality TV shows? – Yes – I love it!

If so, which is your favorite? – American Idol

If not, what is it that you dislike about reality TV? – N/A

Fan or not, which reality TV series would you absolutely refuse to watch? – I don’t watch American’s Next Top Model because I really just couldn’t care less about modeling.

In light of the writer’s strike, there has been talk of more reality TV to fill the void.
Will you watch yet more reality TV or will you settle for reruns? – I guess it depends on the show.  I don’t usually like to watch a rerun of a reality show that I have seen.  I don’t mind watching reruns of some shows.  There is usually enough to chose from that I can find something to watch.


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