Unconscious Mutterings – November 10

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Treadmill ::  Bear – See the video on my husband’s blog.  HILARIOUS!!!
  2. Stroke ::  Mamaw – My grandmother had a stroke during her open heart surgery.  She died soon after.  Thanks for the cheerful memory spark. 
  3. Exclusively ::  Special – I’m thinking of a store that is having an exclusive sale for special customers. 
  4. Lash ::  Michael – My son has the most beautiful lashes.  And so does my nephew, Marcus.
  5. Red carpet::  Hollywood!  I haven’t been to a red carpet event but I have seen a lot of them on TV.  They are usually in NYC or Hollywood.
  6. Credit card ::  Shop Shop Shop till I drop drop drop
  7. Points ::  All I can think of is how many points FSU lost by yesterday.  Grrrrrrrrrrr
  8. Domestic ::  goddess – that’s me – a domestic goddess.
  9. 21 ::  I think of my kids ages now and how quickly they will be 21.
  10. Inject ::  Demerol – I only think of demerol today because I’m hurting so much.

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