Show & Tell – Faith New Sweater

I bought my little darlin’ pretty new sweater at Old Navy the other night.  So, I have decided pictures of her wearing it would be my Show & Tell for this week. 

It’s the cutest little turtleneck sweater.  And it’s very warm.  She’s so small and shivers most of the time.  So, yesterday she wore it all day and curled up in her little bed for the day.  She looked very comfy.

Here’s a side view.  It’s a little easier to see from this angle.

I wasn’t going to put this picture up because my stack of junk that needs filing  is in the background.  But I figure everyone has a stack of junk that needs filing. 


8 thoughts on “Show & Tell – Faith New Sweater

  1. Isn't it amazing the abundance of things to buy for your pets out there? That's a stylin turtleneck! Have a wonderful thanksgiving…

  2. Kathy b
    Cute dog sweater. I remember putting my german shepherd in a sweater once and I came home and somehow he had gotten two legs into one leg hole while I was away. He looked pathetic but so funny.

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