Photo Hunters – I Love ___________

Today’s theme for Photo Hunters is I Love _________.  Of course I love my family, friends, pets and so on….but for this theme today I chose FALL.

I Love Fall:

Up close this red tree looks hot pink.  It is so gorgeous.

This wide open field just begged for it’s picture to be taken.

This picture was taken at a park/boat ramp just a little ways from our house.

Ok – this picture would have been better if I had gone farther down the boat ramp but it was just plain cold and I didn’t have a jacket on.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the colors are still as beautiful when we go to Fall Creek Falls next weekend for Thanksgiving.  I want some gorgeous pictures.  Usually the colors have come and gone by now.  But with the Indian Summer we’ve had the colors are coming out later this year.  Surely they can hang on for 4 more days till I can get to the woods with my camera.

So, anyway, I love fall!!!!  I love the colors.  I love the crisp cool air (except on a boat ramp without a jacket).


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