Unconscious Mutterings – 11/18

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Toasty ::  Fire in the Fireplace – ahhhhhhhhhhh doesn’t that sound toasty warm?  We had the first fire of the season in our fireplace yesterday.  I must say it was very toasty and warm.
  2. Allegations ::  Courtroom – That was Ron’s word.  The first word that came to my mind is "lies" but all allegations are always lies. 
  3. Herb ::  Rosemary – I thought of rosemary because it is so pretty. 
  4. Bacon ::  PIG – heehee – Why is it that something so yummy can come from something so nasty?
  5. Neck to neck::  Nascar – A Nascar race is often neck and neck.  The race is on our TV right now so that’s why I thought of it.
  6. Simon ::  American Idol – This one is obvious.  And I’m ready for American Idol to start again.  I really like that show.
  7. Heels ::  Podiatrist – If a woman wears heals eventually she will probably have to see a podiatrist.  hahaha
  8. Fundamentals ::  Polygamy – I think of the Fundamental Latter Day Saints because I just finished reading Carolyn Jessop’s book about living among them. 
  9. Middle ::  Ben – I thought of my best friend, Kim’s, middle son, Ben.
  10. Seasonings ::  Hamburgers on the grill – Yummmmm – a well, seasoned burger on the grill.  Doesn’t that sound good??

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