Manic Monday – 11/19

What is your least favorite day of the week and why?

I guess maybe it would be Wednesdays because they are so busy.  After doing everything you have to do during a regular day of the week you have to rush home figure out dinner and then go back out again to go to church.

What’s the best way to end the day?

Pile up together with Ron and the kids, start a fire in the fireplace and watch some TV together.  But even if we are all in different parts of the house doing 4 different things I’m still happy.  I just like having all my chicks under the same roof in our chicken coop.

Which animal would you have left out of the ark?

This is a hard one for me because I’m such an animal lover.  But after thinking for a while I would say snakes.  I, personally, don’t know of anyone who likes snakes.  They are creepy looking, scary and dangerous.  So, I would have left them to drown.  Hmmmmmm  that wasn’t so hard after all!


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