Thanksgiving Vacation

We had a wonderful trip this year to Fall Creek Falls State Park.  This year we stayed in a cabin on the lake.  I didn’t feel so great so I didn’t get to go hiking like I wanted to.  But Ron and the kids went.  We played games and watched movies.  We had Thanksgiving dinner in the restaurant.  Oh my goodness it was sooooo yummy!!!!!  The dressing just melted in your mouth.  The mashed potatoes were the real thing and tasted like a dream.  The corn tasted like it was fresh off the cob.  The green beans tasted like Heaven.  Friday night they have a seafood buffet.  And they keep the crab legs HOT HOT HOT!!!  It was so wonderful.  Interestingly enough Mary Winkler happened to be eating dinner there Friday night as well.  That certainly gave us plenty to talk about.  She lives in a town close by.  She was with a family – husband, wife, one of their moms and a teenage boy.  It was a surprise – that’s for sure.

Well, we took soooooooooooooo many pictures that I decided to put them all into a slideshow instead of trying to put them all into this blog entry one at a time.  Hopefully this will work.  Cross your fingers.


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