Unconscious Mutterings – 11/25

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Filthy ::  Rich – Ok, the object of this is to say the first thing that comes to mind.  What I’m noticing by participating in this meme is that I talk a lot about money.  What’s up with that??  I’ll have to give that some thought.
  2. Therapist ::  Mental Problems – THIS I can relate to.  hahahahahaha
  3. Duck ::  Duck Goose – Remember that game when you were a kid?  I loved it!  Everyone sat in a circle.  The person who was "it" walked around tapping everyone on the head saying duck duck duck duck until they get to the person they want to chase them.  When they tapped their head they said GOOSE and took off running.  If they made it back to the chasers original spot and sat down before they were "caught" they won and they other person was then "it".  It was fun!!
  4. Slant ::  Cursive – Not sure why I thought of cursive for slant.  But there you go!!
  5. Artist ::  Monet – Again – no idea what made me think of Monet.  I couldn’t pick out a Monet from a first graders fingerpainting.
  6. Lease ::  Car – Have you ever leased a car?  Me neither.  We talked about it once but realized it really wasn’t that smart of a thing to do for us.
  7. Wish ::  Star – I’m thinking of that rhyme you say on the first star you see at night.  You know the one?  Star light star bright. First star I see tonight.  I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight.
  8. Doormat ::  Welcome – What else would a doormat say?
  9. Global ::  Outreach – As in missions!
  10. Apartment ::  Small – Last year when we lived in an apartment waiting for our house to be finished – it sure was small!!

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