Ten on Tuesday (Ok – Wednesday)

Yesterday’s 10 on Tuesday list is supposed to be the 10 Best Games.  I was really out of it yesterday so I"m a day behind.  Sorry about that.  I will add the links to each of them so you can check them out if you would like to – unless of course it is a game that we made up.

1.  Sequence – It is a strategic card game.  LOTS of fun!!  It’s my favorite game.

2.  A dice game called Ten Thousand – You play with six dice and earn points with your rolls.  The first person to reach 10,000 points wins.

3.  Yankee Rummy – I can’t find a link to it.  It must be called something else.  The player has to get a certain set of cards for approximately 8 turns.  The first person to get through all turns wins.

4.  Rummikub – This game is another strategy game that involves choosing tiles and making sets in numerical order.

5.  Scrabble – Everyone knows what Scrabble is.

6.  Mexican Train Dominoes – It’s a game played with two set of regular dominoes.

7.  I’m not sure this would be considered a game but we all enjoy doing puzzles.  Last week while we were on our Thanksgiving vacation we all worked on a couple of different puzzles. 

8.  Tetris – This is an old video game.  I had it on my previous cell phone.  It was fun to play while waiting in the waiting room at the doctor or anyplace else like that.  The link I provided here is to play the game online.

9.  Yahtzee – Can you tell I’m all about the dice and card games???

10. Mad Libs – These are fun words games that are also good parts of speech practice.

These were fun but also kind of hard because we just play the same games all the time. 

To play 10 on Tuesday see the graphic in my left sidebar and click it.  It will take you directly to the page. 


One thought on “Ten on Tuesday (Ok – Wednesday)

  1. i have a suggestion for you. it's a card game that i was introduced to a little over a year ago. it's called "Spite and Malice." yes, it is like it sounds. it is very fun, involves a good amount of strategy, but could cause people to get in fights! i don't know where you can get it, but i think online would be a good bet. L8r!

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