10 on Tuesday

The 10 on Tuesday theme for today is 10 things I want for Christmas.  This will be difficult because there isn’t anything I really WANT!  Let’s see if I can come up with them though.

1.  A Coach purse
2.  A new Louis Vuitton purse
3.  New clothes
4.  Our next family cruise on the calendar
5.  Lane Bryant Outlet gift card
6.  A new camcorder – 0ur’s is deader than a door nail and the kids are growing too fast
7.  A gift certificate for a cleaning service (like Merry Maids)
8.  A Starbuck’s giftcard for my Frappucino fixes
9.  A nice watch that won’t turn colors (meaning a real silver or gold one)
10. A set of all the Harry Potter movies so far (yes, I’m 40 years old and like Harry Potter)

Well, that wasn’t so hard, after all.  The highlighted items are the ones that I REALLY do want. 


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