A Shopping We Will Go

I LOVE SHOPPING!!!  We started our Christmas shopping last night.  Ron and the kiddos are out tonight finishing up.  I’m trying to rest so I will be up to church tomorrow morning and for our Christmas musical tomorrow night.  I have done pretty well today too. 

We got some of the cutest Christmas ornaments last night.  We got personalized ones from a kiosk in the mall.  I would share pictures with you but for some reason I"m having problems posting pictures.  Anyway, I got Faith a bone ornament with her name on it.  I even got our cat an ornament this year.  It’s her first ornament.  It’s adorable.  It is red letters that say MEOW.  Under the meow is a white section that is supposed to be snow.  It has her name on it.  Michael picked a red video iPod out.  In the screen it says "Now Playiing…Jingle Bell Rock".  Lauren picked out a red cell phone.  In the screen I had them put "1-800-shopping" and it has her name on it.  I got the most adorable ornament with 4 snowmen that says Hunters.  Then each snowman has each of our names on their hats.  I also bought our best friends the same ornament.  Of course it has 5 snowmen with their names.  Ornaments aren’t cheap!  Whew!  I’m not even going put the total that I paid here.  I"m trying to forget it myself.

The kids have 4 1/2 days of school left till Christmas break.  When they get out of school at noon on Friday we are heading out for Pensacola.  I’m looking forward to the warm weather.  The older I get the less I like the cold.  We will come back home the day after Christmas (Wednesday).  I’ll have 4 days to rest and then we are going to North Carolina with some of our family to go skiing.  None of us has ever been skiing.  So, it should be funny to watch.  The lady that usually keeps Faith for us is going to be out of town that week.  So, I’m having to leave Faith at a kennel.  It’s worrying me sick.  I was hoping that the lodge we were going to in NC would allow pets – but nooooooooooooo.  It’s breaking my heart.  She is going to FL with us.  I’d almost rather stay home since we can’t take her but that is not an option.  So, I will have to leave her here in a room full of other barking dogs.  She will be a nervous wreck the whole time she is there.  And I will be a nervous wreck the whole time I’m in NC.  WOO HOO – can’t wait!!! 

Well, that’s the extent of what’s happening around here.  I have so many pictures I want to share but can’t because of some kind of glitch or something or other with HSB.  I’m working on trying to figure it out.  Cross your fingers!!


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