Picture Problems & Slide Shows

I am continuing to have a problem adding pictures to my blog entries. So, I decided to just make a slideshow with the pictures in it that I wanted to share with everyone. This has been a HUGE headache for me. But this solution will have to be it for now. I need to go get ready for an appointment right now and can’t take the time to work with it anymore. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I asked what everyone’s favorite Christmas ornament was. In my slideshow above you will see two ornaments – one is 1993 and the other says 1995. The 1993 one is Michael’s first ornament. The 1995 one is Lauren’s first ornament. I have also included a picture of this year’s ornaments as well as our 2007 family picture. Yes, I know that “Jingle” is spelled wrong on Michael’s 2007 ornament. I am taking it back tonight to get a new one. HA! There were a few other pictures I wanted to add as well but am now out of time. I will add those tomorrow. Have a good afternoon! I’m off to the doctor.


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