The YUCK is Coming – I Can Feel It

You know what the YUCK is?  I know that you do!  The gunk in the back of your throat.  The irritating scratch you feel because of it.  Yeah – THAT YUCK!  I’ve felt it coming on all day.  Now I have the headache to accompany the YUCK!  YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe if I ignore it it will go away.  Ya think?

I went shopping today – FINALLY!  I’ve been wanting to get out since Christmas.  I needed some jeans.  I asked for gift cards so that I could get some jeans.  So, when I went to Lane Bryant and started trying them on I realized I’m no longer the size I thought I was.  I had to go up a size.  NO – I’m not telling what either one of those sizes are.  But let me just say that when I walked out of there I was actually sick to my stomach – ALL OF IT!!  I’m just disgusted with myself.  But I bought 4 pair of jeans in that bigger size.  And I will get my money’s worth of wear out of them because I’m not disgusted enough yet to actually do anything about it.  And that makes me mad!  Ron assured me that he loves me – ALL of me.  I’m trying to learn to love ALL of me too.  It’s not working too well yet but I’m trying.

Our SS Christmas dinner is tomorrow after Sunday morning service.  I’m not sure what we are taking yet.  But I have been informed that I BETTER be there.  So the YUCK and I will come and spread the YUCK!  DON’T BLAME ME IF YOU GET THE YUCK……………………………you know who you are………hahahahaha

Lauren bought the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) with her Christmas money today.  If you aren’t familiar with it – count your blessings.  It involves stomping on the floor a lot.  How many days are left in Christmas break?  I’m just kidding.  She’s wanted it for over a year so I’m glad that she got it.  I’ll just have to remember to bring my ear plugs downstairs next time. 


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