I was just reminiscing about an event that occured with Lauren years ago with a friend.  I thought I would share it here as well.  Maybe it will give you a chuckle.  It does me.  Although it didn’t at the time.

When Lauren was toddling around (about 2) we were at my parents – me and the kids.  Mom was at work.  My dad was working nights so he was in bed asleep.  Lauren was carrying around raisins snacking on them while I was laying on the couch (can you see where this is going?).  I don’t recall where Michael was – probably playing alone quietly on his own like he always did – being the "star" child.  hahahaha  Anyway, Lauren brought the raisins over to me and held one up to her nose and looked at me.  I stayed calm but firmly said "no no – that will hurt Lauren".  At that point she smiled and quickly stuck it up her nose.  I freaked out.  I had no idea how to get it out.  Tweezers didn’t work.  It just pulled little pieces off.  So, I called a local pediatrician’s office.  They said I should take her to the ER so they can remove it properly because it is going to swell.  So, I run into my parent’s room and woke dad up by saying "Lauren stuck a raisin up her nose and I have to take her to the ER.  Can you keep an eye on Michael?".  I think he woke up about halfway through my panicked outburst.  He shook himself awake and said yes.  So, of course it was winter – when I got to the car (they were repaving their street so they couldn’t get into their driveway – they had to park at a neighbor’s house behind them).  anyway, by the time I got to the car I discovered the car doors were frozen shut.  I don’t recall how I got them open with a crying baby with a raisin stuck up her nose.  But somehow we managed.  At any rate, it took 4 or 5 of us to hold Lauren down while a doctor put some kind of balloon instrument up her nose.  They went past the raisiin, inflated the balloon and pulled it out.  TADA!!!  The raisin was out and all was well.

That’s just one story of Lauren’s antics.  Maybe next time I’ll tell you about the time she got a fish hook stuck in her bottom lip.

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