Ski Trip Extravaganza

This beautiful picture was taken on top of a mountain in North Carolina North of Asheville where we went skiing earlier this week.  Isn’t it beautiful?

When we first got there I was mesmerized by the beauty surrounding us.

This picture was taken outside of our cabin.  See all the cabins on the side of the mountain? 

This was taken from the top deck of our cabin.  Here are some pictures of the inside of our cabin.  It was really beautiful.

That room was the sitting area outside our bedroom. 

The hot tub was on the bottom deck.  It was about 25 degrees but Ron, the kids, Ron’s Dad and Stepmom all went in it.  NOT ME!!  That run from the door into the hottub is a cold one.

We also had a game room in the basement.  Ron and the kids had a great time playing foosball.

Ron and the kids went skiing on Tuesday.  Then a snowstorm hit Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday.

It snowed so much that the slopes were actually closed.  You know the weather is bad when the ski slopes close.

But the snow didn’t stop the fun!  Snowball fight anyone?

Grandaddy has someone in his sights.

Maybe it was Lauren.

Or maybe Lauren AND Katie!!

Payback is rough!!

Michael’s turn!

Heading up to the lodge to warm up by the big fire.

Finally the slopes opened back up and it’s time to get back out there!  But you have to bundle up good.  Any little bit of skin that is showing will freeze.

Grandaddy is ready to go!

Michael and Lauren are ready to go.

Michael with his snowboard.

Lauren with her snowboard.

Ron is bundled up!

I’m bundled up!  Let’s Go!!!!

Michael got really good at snowboarding.

But eventually it’s time to go back inside, warm up and take a nap:

OF course, Grandaddy needed help getting his boots off.

Nanny & Grandaddy napping together.

Later it was Ron’s turn to nap.

Then Lauren tried to warm up.

All the while, this was happening outside:

What you can’t see here is that there are mountains behind all that white snow blowing.

The end result was all of this beautiful scenery:

We really did enjoy ourselves.  The area was beautiful and Ron and the kids learned to ski.  I learned that I like to stay inside by the fireplace and stay warm.

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