My Husband, The Author

My husband and a friend of ours have written a book on Leadership – whether it is leadership in a church, a business or a family home.  It is titled Toy Box Leadership: Leadership Lessons You Learned From The Toys You Loved As A Child.  It is already showing up online in a few places even though it won’t be released until July 2008 from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Check it out – if you like it you can pre-order it in a few different places.  The link above is from the Books A Million site.  It is also on Amazon.  I also found it on the Davis Kidd site.  It is also on Borders website.

Just to give you an idea of who my husband is you can check out the Randall House Publications website where he is the CEO.  He has a blog titled Write Idea On Leadership.  His name is Ron Hunter, Jr. 

Our friend, who co-authored with my husband, is Michael E. Waddell.  He pastors a church in Florence, Alabama.

This is going to be an exciting year for our two families.  They already have ideas for another book.  We aren’t sure what God has in store for us.  But we are holding on tight.


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