Growing Up Means Shaving Too, Mom

Well, this week my little boy took another step toward manhood.  As if being as tall as me and wearing nearly the same size shoe as his Daddy isn’t enough, Michael started shaving.  Daddy took pictures and I cried. 

My sweet Michael went from this
to this

See that mustache?  It was like a neon light flashing "I’m growing up – I’m growing up – I’m growing up".  So, Daddy took him into our bathroom and taught him how to shave.  Here are the pictures to prove it.

Let the shaving begin!

He’s gotta be a little goofy!

And now the finished product!!

Sigh……………….now if I could just talk him into a haircut………………..


2 thoughts on “Growing Up Means Shaving Too, Mom

  1. Ahhh, my mommy heart breaks for you, but I'm so happy for him. This is one of those big moments in life that he'll never forget. Thanks to his mom, he'll be able to share it with his own children :).

    Big hugs to you mama!! :).

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