Unconscious Mutterings – 1/20

  1. President ::  Fred Thompson – I’m not sure he has a chance any longer.  But I think he would have been the best choice for our country.
  2. Stare ::  Take a picture.  It lasts longer. – Remember that from when you were a child?
  3. Embrace ::  I could use one of those right now – Not having a good day
  4. Movie ::  Suspense – I love suspenseful movies.
  5. Everything ::  Blah – I’m just blah about everything today.
  6. Profile ::  All about me! 
  7. Satire ::  Sarcasm – If it weren’t for sarcasm I wouldn’t be funny at all.
  8. Erratic ::  Unpredictable – The first thing I thought of was a hurricane – the weather is so erratic that you never know what’s going to happen in the next minute.
  9. Costume ::  Clown – I wish I was somewhere being entertained by a clown right now – I could use a laugh right now
  10. Secretary : : Yes Sir!!! 

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