I Think I'm Crazy

I must be crazy.  I’m considering joining FlyLady again.  I was crazy years ago when I joined her.  She drove me up the wall but I did seem to have more control over my house and our lives in those days.  I need some kind of help getting myself up and working on this house.  I have enjoyed sitting around doing nothing every day since the kids went back to school.  But the chores have fallen waaaaayyyyyyyyyyy behind.  The kids have gotten out of the habit of daily chores like we had when they were being homeschooled.  So tomorrow I am going to explore the FlyLady site a little more and try to wrap my mind around it all.  I will join tomorrow night and start fresh on Monday.  Ron is going out of town Monday and won’t be back until Wednesday.  So, that will give me a couple of days to lose my mind and find it again.  Hopefully the house will be more presentable by the time he gets home Wednesday night. 

Yep – I think I’m definitely crazy!  Please pray for me!

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