Photo Hunters – Theme: Old-Fashioned

The Photo Hunter theme for this week is Old-Fashioned.  When I read that I was reminded of a homeschool field trip that we took a few years ago to an old plantation.  They had areas set up the way they would have been back in the Civil War days.  Here are some pictures from that field trip:

These women were making some kind of meal with a fire and hot coals in a hole in the ground.  Lauren was intrigued.  Can you tell?

They also made old fashioned candles by dipping a string in wax a bunch of times.

They each took a turn washing clothes the old fashioned way.

If you would like to participate in Photo Hunters each Saturday click on the Photo Hunters graphic in my left sidebar.  It will take you to Tnchick‘s website so you can learn more about it. 


6 thoughts on “Photo Hunters – Theme: Old-Fashioned

  1. Cooking in the ground with hot coals in a Dutch over was something I did a lot when I was in the Boy Scouts. We could cook almost anything in a Dutch oven.

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