Just how clean is YOUR sink??

So far my experience with the FlyLady is going well.  My sink is nice and clean.  As a result of clean sinks I also have clean countertops AND I actually made dinner last night.  (I’ll wait till those of you who fell out of your chairs get back up………………………………………………………………up now?)  I also got some towels washed and put away.  I felt like a REAL housewife yesterday instead of a bump on a log.  I also got the living room picked up.  I will vacuum today. 

Lauren has this U.S. Constitution project that she has due today.  She is in a group of 5 – four of which do NOTHING.  So, Lauren completed the entire project last night.  I helped her.  I had a horrible headache and had a difficult time thinking because of it.  But we made it through.  Thank God for Al Gore’s invention known as "the internet".  We couldn’t have done it without him.    She has to give the oral presentation, power-point presentation and pass out the worksheets she had to make for the class today.  this is for a teacher who really likes Lauren a LOT and she realizes that Lauren is with a DUD group.  So, I’m hoping she will recognize who did the work.  I told her to tell Miss Bateman before class starts that she and I are the ones who did the whole thing.  I’m assuming her grade and THEIR grade will accurately reveal that.

Michael has a big music project due Thursday.  He didn’t get to work on it at all last night because we were monopolizing Al Gore’s internet.  So, he and I will be working on HIS project tonight and tomorrow night..  This is the same project that Lauren had to do the first nine weeks that she did on the composer John Williams.  Michael said that he is going to incorporate a lot of Contemporary Christian Music into his project.  I just love that kid!!!!  He wears his Christianity right on his shirt where everyone can see it – literally and figuratively. 

We had a little challenge this month with our cell phone situation.  We had 700 for the three of us (Ron’s phone is taken care of through work).  When Ron checked the bill over this past weekend (with still a week to go on the billing cycle) we had used 877.  Michael had used 58 of those, I had used a BIG 12 of those and Lauren had use 807 minutes since our last bill.  807!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, we are all having to curb our phone usage until the end of this cycle.  Ron has increased our minutes and added some more features to our account. But we aren’t going to tell the kids for a while.  We feel like they are both acting pretty spoiled.  So, we are thinking of ways that we can require some kind of service project out of them.  They need to think more about others than themselves.  So, we are praying through that.

Anyway, I have a sink to shine.  After I take the kids to school I have to go to the grocery store so I can get home before the storm comes.  Not sure how much I’ll get accomplished after that with a storm rolling in.  But I do plan to vacuum the living room.  Oh and I already have something planned for dinner.  (Ok, you can just stay on the floor this time – I’ve gotta go!)


One thought on “Just how clean is YOUR sink??

  1. That is so awesome to hear about Michael…Hearing about kids doing things like that is why they are signs of hope for this world…They have a geniune love and are proof that hope and love DOES exist…except when they have last minute homework assignments.

    Hehehehe…love you remembering to thank Al Gore for "His Internet". For a guy who is so worry about global warming…funny he forget his BIG HOUSE!

    I wonder what he will claim next….That he invented the "bicycle" to help fight global warming

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