I have come back from the brink of the grave (actually it’s my recliner but that doesn’t sound as dramatic).  I’m so sorry for my extended absence.  At any rate, today is starting off as a good day so I thought I had better get in here and write before the grave (intepret as recliner) pulls me back in.  My email box currently has 107 emails sitting in it waiting to be read and dealt with.  But I knew that all of your lives had come to a screeching halt waiting for the latest news from the Hunter household.  So, here I am.

So many things have been running through my head this week.  The election being the most prevalent.  Our state was one that voted on Super Tuesday this week.  I had no clue who to vote for.  Obviously I am NOT a democrat – I’m too smart for that.  But which way to go on the Republican side of the ticket – McCain, Romney or Huckabee.  Until I was standing in front of that electronic screen ready to choose a name I had NO CLUE who to vote for.  Ron told me one thing.  I talked to my Dad and he told me something different.  I talked to another friend who told me something different.  i considered just not voting at all.  But I firmly believe that everyone who CAN should vote.  So, I prayed and prayed and prayed. My man was no longer in the race – Fred Thompson.  So, I felt like a lost puppy.   So, there I stood in front of the voting screen at my kid’s school, praying diligently for a lightning bolt from Heaven to come down and push the right button.  That wasn’t happening so I stood there a while longer thinking that a voice would bust the windows of the gym and roar the name of the MAN that God wanted to run our country.  That didn’t happen.  So, I just chose the name that my dad told me.  When I told Ron later which MAN I chose he laughed and said "well, I see where my opinion stands."  HAHAHAHAHA  Later when we were watching the updates on the news I saw that the man I chose came in third.  I was happy!  I’m a useless Republican!!  I figure my whole dilemma is Fred’s fault for dropping out.  I have a feeling that my vote in November will simply be a vote to keep another Clinton out of the White House.  But I will do it – because I don’t think any of us really want another Clinton in the Oval Office – or in the halls of the Oval Office.

Well, as you can see, the election has weighed heavy on my mind this week.  Another very trivial matter has also been on my mind – or I should say in my line of vision.  I have these horrible scratches on my glasses that are driving me bonkers!!!!!!!!  I went to the eye doctor after my voting experience on Tuesday.  I have a prescription for new lenses.  I spend an hour choosing frames for new glasses AND some sunglasses that I need desperately.  The lady helping me was so nice.  She knew one of the other directors that Ron works with.  She grew up next door to them.  So, we talked about that for a while.  She is a Christian.  So, we chatted about church and what ministries we are involved in and have been involved in in the past.  Her son’s attend one of the magnet schools that we are hoping the kids get into.  So, we talked about the school and what extracurricular activities our kids are all involved in.  We just had a great time getting to know one another.  There was an issue with one of the frames that I wanted so we went back to the "drawing board" and chose another pair instead.  When we finally got to the end she said that my portion would be – are you sitting down? – $647.  My mouth fell open.  I couldn’t believe it!!!!!!  And that was AFTER my insurance’s part.  I called Ron – of course, he wasn’t able to answer.  So, I made an executive decision and said to go ahead (I knew we had a cushy savings account).  So, I go eat lunch while they are making the glasses.  While I am eating Ron returns my call and I tell him how much they are.  He said that the place I went are worse than used car salesmen and that we can find them cheaper somewhere else.  So, I call this very nice Christian lady who I had bonded with and tell her that hubby said no.  Talk about embarrassed!!!!  But I am a sucker.  These people see me coming and quickly mark up all the prices because they know that I will just do whatever they say.  Anyway, I STILL have these glasses with these horrible scratches in my line of vision.  I’m not sure how much longer my sanity will hang with me.  But I’ll do the best I can. 

Oh and as if my voting experience and then my eyeglasses experience (all in the same day) wasn’t enough I get a call saying that Lauren got caught with her cell phone at school and she was crying and all upset.  So, now I trudge from my lunch to the school to pick up her phone.  A parent has to come and pick up a cell phone when it is taken from a student.  So, I put on my sweet face and went to the school.  I had to prove that the phone belonged to us.  I had to call Ron to get our sign on information for our bill online.  Then the Asst. Principal had to call the number to make sure.  Then I had to sign a form.  I asked him if Lauren got mouthy with him while she was upset.  He said no.  I told him that she had a tendency to get mouthy when she is upset.  He said it was a good decision on her part not to.  I agreed – took the phone – came home and crashed!!!!!  Kim instructed me to go to bed and not answer the phone the rest of the day.  That’s pretty much what I did.  Right after I screamed!!!

Well, I just talked to Ron and he is ready for me to come and go with him to look for glasses.  Cross your fingers!  I hope it’s not an ordeal.  And I hope we don’t have to sell our firstborn to get them.  The second born I would consider (Lauren) but not the firstborn.  HAHAHA  Just kidding!


One thought on “HERE I AM HERE I AM HERE I AM

  1. whew…glad I made coffee! Lol..just kidding.

    My state isn't in the position to vote yet so we were glued to the screen just talkig and debating…we're not going democrat that's for sure…and I may just end up voting with hubby's choice *cringing at the thought* Lol

    It sounded like you had a really great starting off!

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