And The Award Goes To………………………..ME

My sweet friend over at Sunflower Faith has awarded me with two honors this week.  You will find them under my picture in the left sidebar.  I feel very honored to accept these awards.  She has become a very special friend through a group that she and I are both a part of.  We have discovered that we both have a lot of things in common.  We are walking this path of Christianity together and I love her. 

Thank you, Miss Sunflower, for your friendship and these treasured awards.


One thought on “And The Award Goes To………………………..ME

  1. Your post had me in tears…:)

    *Hugs* Thank YOU for your wonderful friendship, honesty, keeping me grounded and accountable…I honestly thank God that we met up like we did an the group we are in…It has been phenomenal and just a blessing from God that I am sincerely thankful for…

    There are no accidents and it was definetely in His plans!

    I apologize that the awards aren't much and don't half express how much you mean to me…for I am so thankful to God for leading me to you and all the other women!

    May He continue to bless you, your blog, your family and your home!!

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